Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Classes On Love And Hate, Horns To Blow, Goat Horns To Share.

Lights Out Still: Life In The Dark, snakes, frogs and monkeys on dogwood trees, into the woods. Angels fall, broken wings, land sharks eaten alive by land whales, hung on cross to die, asleep in a trance. Goodness  and mercy, angels to protect, wishes of man in sky. 

Rachel Jarrot and Seven Snakes,  actions that are being taken to cause the death of the frogs, cows, snakes, and the hate left to your daddy, that he gave to you as a tool or a trick of the trade, of being a joker, or a fool of sorts, with the drug use, and all the parties and the fucks down low, for the dicks all the time, and the secret, that he wanted to be a pussy.

Steven Jarrot, 7608512267: but he came out with a useless dick, and that god he is not still trying to create life with another bitch in heat, for all the wrong reason, to create more hate on earth, and devils in training, with the family skills of blaming others for the things that do not go right. Skills on pointing the finger at girlfriends, animals like the dogs in the house, with two legs or four, just dawgs or dogs, that are equal to me, but that is just my view, do you have one

Steven Jay Jarrot, is a fake friend, that serves himself, to the things that you have, to steal or take to give to the golden cow, or Rotten Rocky Rachelle Gay Jarrot, or his little fag hag number two after Sheri Beth the big mouth cow without the drive to get off the pot, to take a plissé, full of jokes about how Rachelle played with herself daily after school since the first grade, and how daddy showed her to lick pussy and drain the juice out of the girls that she has been fucking since the age of seven. 

Examples in place are the big mouth fag hag, mother Sheri Jarrot, who learned skills from the devil himself, long time agao , but it could have been yesterday also, not sure about the dates on those events. Steve Jarrot, is a legend in his own mind, and the family unit, has bought that line so many times, that it is the twisted and tainted truths that are facts, even if the lies are white, not black, yellow, blue or tan lies, bent and okay for the fools, donkeys, frogs, and American Toads, that rule the house of snakes, and the signs of the horns are up, and the masks due to change with the shooting blue stars in the month of August 2014.

 He is a snake and it is his year for the best he has been. His stories are dead, his life with the black magic woman he had cannot live with the fingers pointed for the main issues of hate on all forms. How can Jewish People not understand everybody does go thought a lot of pain and hurt, when angry, that is the meaning of Angry.

Joy and pain is part of the rebirth, and it is always darkest in the last hour before dawn. Have some many issues to look at from a human point of view. Jewish People have been given a bad name behind the family, that has hairdresser with no standards back in the barn with the snake, and the money matters that were received from this Black woman was done for the good of a offspring. Hate rules and the facts stand that she is a crab that lives in a barrel, and if she see any process of another crab to reach the top of barrel she pulls back, it was the fact that she has no life, and found blogs written at 3:00 in the morning, and sent to Steve Jarrot, and that was when the short hairs were pulled again.

 Control thought the short hairs, about the hairless wonder the golden cow, the superstar of this tribe, Rotten Rocky or Rachelle Jarrot, the greatest white star, in her mind, and the minds of the members of pack of wolves, reptiles, bison, cattle and butch, buff, fags, and fag hags. Today that is what they do fuck other people anyway they can, by car, train, RV camping, and meth drug dealers, and 420 trades for sex all day long.

Lifestyle of Steve Jarrot, is to fuck and suck his life away, and the record has broken from 300 dicks in a month, sucked or fucked by him in RV camping by the beach, or the houses set up for sex by recording all day. Sex on the beach could be a business set up to recording the patterns of flakes that stay in the nest of vamps, and ask for more. Help could be needed to release the steel that people may be trapped with, it is still up in the air, the role of the devil here and how long he will be able to dance in the wind, questions about that matter are still lost to me. 

Later the pony show will be done, and the rewards and the bonus for being a white guy, that lies in color and has a twisted and tainted view on truths and honesty states of life, and lessons have not been learned, five decades in training to become a devil here on earth. Is that going to be the end of him, with the lifestyle of a alley cat, and the charm and grace of a bitch in heat with a room full of dogs ready for their turn at the bitch, dream life the one that girls dream about, frogs or toads?

The sun is setting, time to turn on the lights, and see what has been hiding in the darkness of the day, lights to see the wide open spaces. Time to close the windows, and turn on the heat, and start or begin the meal with thanks, for the day here on earth, and thanks for the choices and free will. Amem.


  1. Steven jay jarrot Jan 2014
    Home to steers and wieners Steve jarrot or seven snakes:bisexuaal Jewish white star?����

  2. Happy Friday, the sun is shining, great day on this side of the grave. Graves to you, and graves to me. Sing songs for holidays soon....Joy to the Worlds
    Steven Jay Jarrot:7608512267:Peace and love by the sea, RV Camper with lots of love to share.▼ 2014 (6)▼ October (2).Role Models Bend.Jewish White Super-Sized► September (2)► August (2)
    Rachel Jarrot, queer or steer, bison only? -
    Rachel Jarrot -Tales from the dark side: Wide-ass: butch, buff, whale; BBW UCLA cattle caller, Sarah, Sheri, Sima to watch girl on girl sex at Rachel's place tonight. Party and play, sing songs together, gay and happy family of fags, fag hags, freaks.
    Lessons learned for the dyke in training with sire for an expert of late night craigslist for 10 or more years, finding suckers he can steal from in the name of truthfulness and honest, that are tainted and twisted from this family, and all the members of this tribe.

  3. Snake in the grass and a evil person is the way my friends and my family and the strangers that hear ths recap say about this family of Steven Jay Jarrot, and his daught Rachel or Rocky the fag hag two -Jarrot, and Sheri Jarrot are all birds of the feather and the one and same in all family matters, to include Charley, Jackie and Sima Jarrot in this clan.

  4. Hell here on earth is the life that was given to the love of his life, and hell to pay was the form of love and devotions, and thief by Steve, Sheri, Charley, Rocky and Rachelle Jarrot, take from blacks, women, and veterans their cars , reasons for the hate in the hearts, of the saints and the sinners, in the clan of snakes, reptiles, cattle, and bison, steers, and queers, the whole lot of them, and piss offs and the same for the other blacks, and the working classes, that are trap in deals that are with the devils within the wolves, and the bad lot of donkeys, and mules, are the animal signs out and in play now. .....

  5. Sisters of colors, green, black and yellow, faces in the crowds, snakes, spiders, and worms, under the skin. Good time toads, army of frogs, groups of frogs, plenty of fish in the seas. Men and mice, rites to stand, heads to count, rats in gloves, races to bucks. Micky Mouse, Nazi camps, cattle runs, 900 heads an hour, records to break, winner rats. Drive along Coast!!🎠🎧 It will be many generations before music again produces an artist so respected and beloved world-wide as Bob Marley. 💋💎Insane*Naughty*Love💎💋Kisses, and hugs, songs to sing, plenty of fish in the seas.